This is the third time

This is the third time I have tried to post this. For some reason it claims I am not an authorized member of the team. I am giving it one more go, and then to hell with it.

At any rate, Canada is sending some troops to Afghanistan, which is chummy and neighborly. When I read this, all I could think of was a hysterical article by Mark Steyn in the National Post on September 24, 2001. Mar Steyn is adelight to read, and I would recommend reading him if you do not do so already. The name of this article is ‘Canada’s War is Already Over, and here is an excerpt (the National Post Website is screwy and hard to link to):

The word from both countries is that this “coalition,” on the battlefield, will be an Anglo-American affair: The U.S. is not interested in letting anybody else into the inner sanctums of joint command. The minimum entry qualifications are that a) you have a professional, modern military and b) you share America’s war aims. The French meet the former but not the latter. The Mexicans the latter but not the former. The British meet both. The Canadians meet neither.

This is a simple truth, and we should be mature enough to acknowledge it. When Mr. Chrtien says that Canada will stand “shoulder to shoulder” with the Americans, he is, in fact, describing exactly where we won’t be standing. “Shoulder to shoulder” is a military expression, for comrades in arms marching forward on the field of battle. The Prime Minister is happy to deploy the term metaphorically, but that’s it. Just over a week ago, when I mentioned the pitiful state of our forces, I received a lot of indignant e-mails from Canadians insisting that they were ready to enlist. I don’t doubt you. But, if you did enlist, they’d have no uniforms to give you, no weapons except for Papa Jean’s spare set of clubs from Royal Montreal, and no means of getting you to the battlefield except a commandeered school bus. Of the 13 NATO air forces flying missions over Kosovo, ours were the only planes without anti-jam radios, forcing all the others to downgrade their communications to the Canadian level and use a jammable single frequency. Up against a far more ruthless foe than Slobo, U.S. Defence Secretary Don Rumsfeld is not going to increase the risk to his pilots for the privilege of having a couple of maple tail fins up there.

We like Christopher Hitchens. This

We like Christopher Hitchens. This is a prime reason why. I am having a hard time thinking of someone with a better track record of exposing people for the frauds that they are, whether they be on the left or right of the political spectrum, or if they are just plain upside down confused.

Thanks to the unmatchable instapundit himself, Glenn Reynolds, for the Hitch article.

Glenn also has a great deal of info on the Stephen Ambrose plagiarism scandal. As usual, Instapundit is being reasonable (something that frequently eludes yours truly), and provides insightful analysis with well documented sourcing to provide a reasonable overview of the actual situation. My personal hope is that it was just an accidental mistake on Ambrose’s part, because I love his work (yeah- I know you elite snobs think he is a pop-historian- bullocks to you, I say).

The plagiarism issue brings up another question. As I am new to this whole blogging, I am wondering if there is an ethical standard for posting links? Is it appropriate to link information on your sight that has aalready appeared on other blogs? I think so, provided you give credit to the people who originally found the info and documented it. I try to always do that, unless I think I am the first to mention something (not that anybody is reading this anyway). A perfect example for me is what took place this morning on Little Green Footballs.

I am sure this ettiquette has been discussed before, but again, I am new to this scene. However, if linking to other blogs in the manner I have discussed is a breach of nettiquette, the Question for the Day is:

Is it possible to have a blog without ever linking to Instapundit.

My beloved Steelers just took the lead v s. the Browns. BBL.

Tom Daschle, idiot extraordinaire and

Tom Daschle, idiot extraordinaire and lying, no-good hypocritical pawn of the trial lawyers (I think a free registration is required).

I am awaiting a scathing rebuke of the Majority Leader from the fuzzy folks at Common Dreams. I will be waiting a while.

The New York Times Sunday

The New York Times Sunday Edition has an editorial critical of the Democratic National Committee.

Not to be outdone, Matt Drudge is reporting sporadic sightings of flying pigs and patches of ice in hell.

Anyone with the slightest clue what Maureen Dowd is talking about can feel free to e-mail me. Please keep explanations under 50 words, and avoid using the following words: root causes, introspection, and reflection. Ms. Dowd also fails to mention Prada handbags, so I am now really confused.

Almost forgot. Tonight’s Ten Second

Almost forgot. Tonight’s Ten Second Movie Reviews:


Angel EyesJennifer Lopez clothed (BAD), not singing (GOOD), cavorting with criminals (Not Puffy).

In case you are wondering, I normally do not watch this many movies, but I just got satellite, and I quit smoking, so I can not go to bars or be around people, and thus have a helluva lot more time than I used to.

As if New Yorkers have

As if New Yorkers have already not suffered enough in the last few months, the Workers World reports that every anti-WTO nitwit, green party activist, socialist, anti-free-marketer, Earth First! tree-hugger, and every pachouli wearing privileged child of West Coast white trash who owns a copy of the Communist Manifesto – generally, every wart on society’s arse imaginable- will descend on New York to protest things they do not, can not, and will not understand on February 2nd when the World Economic Forum meets at the ‘luxurious Waldorf-Astoria hotel.’

The only upside to this protest is that the sky-rocketing sales of tofu, rolling papers, Guiness, and Native American brand cigarettes might produce a slight bump in the economy, but this will be probably be offset by the money spent on overtime on the police, who will no doubt be needed to beat the rabble sensless (more so, if possible) before they ship them back to their deluded enclaves in Berkely, CA, Seattle, WA, and DNC headquarters.

No doubt freeing Mumia and leniency for the Marin County Mullah will be at the top of the agenda.

Just went to register the

Just went to register the site on google. There are umpteen thousand sites called the Curmudgeon’s Corner. We are now in day six, and already in need of a new name. The new name is listed above. for now. Until I can some up with something clever, which is not likely.

From the Workers World (a

From the Workers World (a run of the mill socialist rag, run by aging and drug addled hippies well versed in the platitudes of the people), comes this delightful opening sentence:

The much asked question, “Where will the U.S. war go after Afghanistan?” is already being answered in the cities, villages and refugee camps of occupied Palestine.

It goes downhill from there.

Jacob Weisberg is a bleeding

Jacob Weisberg is a bleeding idiot, although maybe not as dumb as Daschle.

From Jacob’s latest pool of bile:

“Bush continues to exhibit the same lack of curiosity, thoughtfulness, and engagement with ideas that made him a C student. Nuance, complexity, subtlety, and contradiction are not part of the mental universe he inhabits. And curiously enough, it is these very qualities of mind-or lack thereof-that seem to be making him such a good war president.”

Yawn. I bet he thinks Cornell West is smart.

I know some of you are going to say the article seems to be praising Bush, but it is actually a snide, pretentious, back-handed compliment.

In honor of Jacob Wesiberg, the Corner’s Quote of the day is:

“I’m all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let’s start with typewriters.”
– Frank Lloyd Wright (1868-1959)

“So not only did the

“So not only did the tax cut fail to prevent a recession, as its supporters said it would,” Mr. Daschle said, “it probably made the recession worse.”

My thoughts:

A.) He can NOT POSSIBLY think this is true.
B.) He can NOT POSSIBLY believe this is true.
C.) He can NOT POSSIBLY think WE believe this.

-and finally-

D.) If he is right, I want a refund from my undergraduate economics professors.

From the same speech, this gem (referencing the tax cuts as helping to lessen the recession):

“What we got instead,” he said, “was the most dramatic fiscal deterioration in our nation’s history.”

I wonder if Mr. Daschle remembers this.

An amusing test to check

An amusing test to check your nerdity quotient that I found on The Adventures of AccordionGuy in the 21st Century.

Favorite questions:

Is your outfit uncoordinated? (have someone else evaluate this)


If you are still reading this test, do you really need a test score to prove you are a nerd?

For what it is worth, I scored a 45.2%. Thank goodness I know nothing about Star Trek.

Joshua Bittker over at

Joshua Bittker over at Smarterpundit is confused and a bit testy about the price of his science journals. Here is Josh’s main argument:

A subscription to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is much more expensive than a subscription to Time, by a margin of $225.00 to $24.95.

To help Josh, I have posted this link for him, which may help. The relevant info is:

“Economies of Scale-These occur when mass producing a good results in lower average cost. Economies of scale occur within an firm (internal) or within an industry (external).”

Got the Matt Welch link

Got the Matt Welch link up. You really need to read this guy. Think P.J. O’Rourke on the left.

Ten Second Movie Reviews, a

Ten Second Movie Reviews, a service of the Curmudgeon’s Corner:

Planet of the ApesTime flew by like I was hitting my big toe with a hammer. New Kids on the Block still suck.

Tomb RaiderLess pleasant than showering in prison. Wished I had spent the time necking with my brother.

The Mummy ReturnsMade me want to take a coat hanger to someone.

Someone Like YouChick Flick. Drink heavily before your girlfriend gets there.

I swore I would not

I swore I would not mention the Cornell West thing. All I did was label him an idiot, employing my favorite fallacy, the ad hominem, to instead sum up my argument . This is in part out of contempt, but mostly sheer laziness. Although, I am not sure if it is an ad hominem if someone realy is a bleeding idiot and you correctly identify them as such. When little kids call an apple an apple, we get excited. Is there really much of a difference? Plus, I downloaded about 30 seconds of the streaming nonsense from West and was thrown into convulsions. Fortunately, the web is full of individuals far less lazy than I am, and some are even paid to write nasty things about people. Rod Dreher qualifies on both counts. Check out this morsel, then read the rest for yourself:

From the disc’s opening lines, you know you’re in the presence of something unusually bad, but it takes a minute or two for the full scope of its Shatnerian shlockiness to make itself known. If you’re like me, then by track four, sticky gobbets of schadenfreude will be coming out your nose and dribbling down your chin. And you’re only halfway done!

At least West’s website has more typo’s and misspelled words than the Corner.