Pet Bleg II: Sending Out the Signal

Commenter BL wrote and asked if I’d re-up the request for assistance.

Look at that face! You know you want to help that face!

BL writes:

The dog has been lost since at least Friday morning and we have had several bouts of rain. He only had an Invisible Fence collar, and no other tags or tattooes. He is not microchipped and his collar is not registered with Invisible Fence. I have posted on several lost pet sites, facebook, a local neighborhood social media site, and Craigs List. I’ve notified the county animal control and the community HOA. I filed a found dog report with the county shelter.
I have had only one response and that was not the right dog.
Today, the president of the HOA of my development (who is a big dog lover and just took in a puppy today or would help take in Buddy for the next 3 days) drove around our neighborhood and the next development over, and asked everyone she saw if they knew where Buddy belonged with no luck. I also drove around neighborhoods this weekend and saw no signs or anyone looking for a dog.
In my county, if you turn the dog into the county, you have 5 days to pick up your dog and then they start to look at adoption.
Tomorrow will be the 5th day.
I would like to go ahead and ask the Balloon Juice community to help place the dog for adoption somewhere.
Here is what I know:
He is an older, intact, black lab mix and weighs 69lb. The vet said everything looked good except for his heart (he may have an arrhythmia). He is stiff, and had trouble walking for me on Friday, but the vet says his hips and knees seemed good (at least as much as he could tell without an xray). The walking/stiffness may be more back related. He can go up and down stairs, but it is difficult for him. His teeth are in great shape. He is very friendly with people and ok with my dogs. He is a little protective of his food with my dogs, he is ok with me taking food from him. He, unfortunately, wants to chase cats, and so, I cant keep him in the house while I travel since I have cats.
However, he likes to mark – including in the house. I have started trying to correct that, but I expect that is going to take awhile as he is old and has years of habit to undo. But I doubt he is an outside dog, since I had trouble getting him to go out into the rain. Maybe the marking is due to some level of anxiety in a new setting, although he seems calm.
I had him vaccinated for rabies while at the vet this weekend to keep everyone safe. I can arrange for the rest of the vaccines later this week, when I get back. I am postponing my travel to WV until tomorrow evening, so I can take Buddy somewhere tomorrow. If I have no other option, I will ask my daughter (but she is pregnant, in that stage where you feel nauseous all the time, and is dealing with her own dog emergency – one of her dogs is going through chemo and had to be rushed to the emergency vet this morning, plus she also has cats). I suppose the last resort is the county shelter, but they do euthanize animals they cant place. They told me they have a 60% placement rate.
Let me know if you need anything else from me. I have been reading Balloon Juice for a couple of years and I’ve seen how the group rallies for pets.
If you can help BL and this fine fellow out, let us know in comments or email me and I’ll put you in touch.
Open thread!

Dog Rescue Bleg: GreenNotGreen’s Little Dogs

As regular readers will know, longtime commentor greennotGreen is now in hospice care. She has found a safe home for her birds, and for six of her eight little rescue dogs, but the last two are still looking for safe havens. Her sister has sent me these pics — they’re ‘west of Nashville’, but I’m sure transport could be arranged as necessary.

Pine: Born November 2006; spayed female. 5 lb Smooth Chihuahua.
Pine is a typical Chihuahua. She’s barky and slow to warm to new people, but she is adoring of people who take the time to get to know her. Once you’ve made friends with her, she is very cuddly. She is casual about housebreaking, but will potty outside if taken. She would be an excellent pet for those who are familiar with Chihuahuas.

Rocket: from Happy Tales; Born December 2010; neutered male. 8 lb Min pin mix.
Rocket is my problem child, whom I adore! He is the most entertaining and dearest of my dogs because he is full of antics and loves to play with toys, and also loves to lie right on or next to a friendly lap. He will go to the bathroom outside, but he also signs his name to everything inside. He has a shrill bark when excited, but he’s the most affectionate, cuddliest dog I’ve ever had. He doesn’t shed much, and is a very tidy little dog.

If you know anyone who might be interested, please leave a comment, or send me an email at annelaurie dot verizon dot net.

Late Evening/Early Morning Open Thread: Florida Zebra Edition – Wait, What?

So this happened in Florida:

From WFTS Tampa Bay:

WIMAUMA, Fla. – An escaped zebra caused quite a scene in Hillsborough County on Friday.

At about 2:00 p.m., the driver of a Ford F-150 pickup truck was traveling westbound on SR-672 just east of Amber Sweet Lane in Wimauma when a zebra that was walking along the side of the road ran into the driver’s side of the truck.

The impact broke the side mirror and shattered the mirror.  Some of the glass hit the driver.

After the impact, the zebra ran into a field.  The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office aviation team responded and was able to guide the zebra in a safe direction.  It was corralled by deputies and employees of its owner.

The zebra was returned to the owner, and the driver was transported to Brandon Hospital.

Mark Ross captured the zebra on video running through his backyard and posted it to Facebook.

Open thread!

A Little Reminder That Good Things Still Happen and Make the World a Better Place

So this happened earlier tonight (h/t: Josh Marshall’s twitter feed):

(FYI: This is Noni crashing in the apartment building hallway)

Enter good people (in addition to everyone offering to help out in all the replies to the tweets)!

Little things, small actions, make all the difference in the world. Sleep well Noni! And well done Sara Morrison, Carmen Rita, and Chandler for stepping up and making things just a little bit better!

Let’s Start Our Day on a Positive Note

That’s better.

On the SCOTUS appointment, the one really nice thing is I have to spend zero time learning about the nominee. You simply oppose anyone who is not Garland, because obstruction should not be rewarded. Period. End of Story. Dems filibuster him until McConnell blows up the filibuster.

Walter Update

From Debit:

Hey. There hasn’t been any change with Walter thus far. We’re not going to change his medication yet (other than increasing the dosage). I’m going to continue with his Adequan treatments as my assumption is that they can’t hurt and might help with some of his joint pain.

I’m keeping him quiet, or trying to anyway. He still wants to chase squirrels and gets so excited when I come home and at meal times that he tries to jump. I thought about doing a bucket list for him, but when it comes down to it what he likes best is food, treats, praise and cuddling with kids, so I’m trying to make sure he gets plenty of each.

My vet can’t give me an estimate on how long we have, so we’re just going to keep going in once every few weeks for x-rays to keep an eye on the cancer and the bone density in his hip joint. I know he’s in pain – he has to be even without the cancer – but he’s so stoic that it’s hard for me to know exactly how much, and how much could be considered acceptable.

He loves his kids:

Walter is an old soul.

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Walter Says Happy Holidays


Sure, there are some dogs (hi, Ellie) who hold their dignity too high to willingly participate in these ridiculous human rituals. Walter says there’s worse ways to spend one’s days than with a full belly, a soft warm bed, and a household of welcoming companions.

(And if you send me a jpg of your holiday-celebrating household companions, yes I will front-page them, too also.)

Apart from happy rescue updates, what’s on the agenda for the day?

I owe a couple commentors a hat tip for this — If you are looking to make a year-end tax-deductible contribution to a very worth cause, consider throwing a few bucks or bitcoins at the people responsible for the Wayback Machine site:

You have come to the Internet Archive in search of knowledge, or perhaps to find a part of the Web you may have lost.For 20 years through the Wayback Machine, we’ve backed you up. Now we ask for your help in return.

The Internet Archive is a non-profit library with a huge mission: to give everyone access to all knowledge. By making a tax-deductible donation today, you can ensure that everyone has free and open access to information, forever.

The history of libraries is one of loss. Libraries like ours are susceptible to different fault lines: earthquakes, legal regimes, institutional failure.

So this year, we have set a new goal: to create a copy of Internet Archive’s digital collections in another country. We are building the Internet Archive of Canada because lots of copies keeps stuff safe. To achieve our goal, we aim to raise $5 million by January 20, and we need your help to get there.

Right now a generous supporter will match your donation 1‑to‑1. So you can double your impact! For every dollar you donate right now, the Internet Archive will receive $2!…

Gosh, I wonder if there’s any significance to that “January 20” deadline, she said piously.