Late Night Open Thread

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I am pleased to report that even though it rained much of yesterday and all day today, the grass and willow tree are DOING THEIR JOB and there is only a slight bit of standing water: Lily has been very playful today, which is odd because normally a day after chemo is a slow day. Regardless, here she is demonstrating a proper sploot(Tammy just taught me this is called a sploot, we always just called it froggy dogs): And here goofus is making her bed and then acting sheepish when …

Afternoon Moment of Zen

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It’s absolutely beautiful here so I was opening all the windows to get a good breeze going and to air out all the stank, and I saw our girl Lily out in the backyard just living her best life, sniffing, pooping, peeing, rolling around, and I stood and watched her for a bit. Realized you all could use a bit of this dog therapy and grabbed the camera for you: She’s just such a happy, gentle, sweet dog. Once again, I can not thank you all enough for chipping in …

Tuesday Evening Open Thread

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Badger is growing! Here he is on May 14: Here he is today in the same dog bed: Unfortunately, shortly after that photo, he ripped open the dog bed and distributed chunks of mattress stuffing all over the house. He’s a good boy, except for the dog bed thing. This is the third he’s destroyed. We start puppy class tomorrow, and I’ll try to find a more durable dog bed and maybe get some of that sour apple spray that allegedly prevents chewing. If y’all have any suggestions, please share. …

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Respite Kittens

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Beloved commentor and intrepid kitten-pusher Satby: It’s been long enough that our momma cat Turtle’s babies are all vetted and ready for adoption. They made their public debut yesterday (Sunday) at the South Bend PetSmart on Ireland Road and were ready for their close ups along with a few other kittens in our rescue, and a glimpse of kitten whisperer Becky. So, for a mood lifter, I present our rescue cuties…

Saturday Afternoon Open Thread

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If you promise not to berate me about my dirty floor, I’ll show you a 9-second video of Badger walking on his hind legs: As you can see, he’s a talented boy. If I had sufficient cold cuts, I could probably teach him calculus. He’s four and a half months old now, and we’re starting puppy school this week. I wonder what house he’ll be sorted into? My guess is Hufflepuff, which has a badger as its mascot. Or maybe Ravenclaw since he’s smart. Definitely not Slytherin — he’s not …

Another Good Report from the Vet

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Lily and I just got home from the vet, and the doctor is very pleased with her results, all the numbers are where they should be, she is back up finally to 18.5 lbs, her platelet count is still a touch high but dropping and we are now down to a 1/4 pill every other day of prednisone and will be done with it totally in two weeks, and they said she was playful and perkier than normal. Our customary post chemo front yard picture: The ride was nice- still …

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Happy Fourth!

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Portrait of a dog for whom it is ninety-nope degrees outside — laura olin (@lauraolin) July 3, 2018 Not that you guys are liable to need it, but handy format for sharing… A friendly reminder. — Matthew Inman (@Oatmeal) July 2, 2018 (Plenty humans not crazy about ‘spontaneous’ bang-bangs, either. Have a thought for your friends & neighbors with PTSD, as well as the fourfoots among you.)   But at least it’s a day off, mostly… Celebrating Independence Day feels weird now. Like when Facebook sends you a …

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Hot, HOT… Cold!

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Best. Day. Ever. — Paul Bronks (@BoringEnormous) July 2, 2018 It’s all fun’n’games until the cops start pleading “Ma’am, this is *not* a clothing-optional area… “ Can we move the White House someplace else because this is not sustainable — Olivia Nuzzi (@Olivianuzzi) July 2, 2018 On Tuesday, the temperature in a city in Oman did not drop below 108.7 degrees (F) for an entire day. This is a global record, as far as anyone knows, part & parcel of our warming planet where new, unprecedented heat milestones …

Happy Heeler Open Thread

In Dog Blogging, Open Thread by Cheryl Rofer

It’s time for a no-politics no-doom-and-gloom open thread. I had a great time with family last week. How are all your pets? What have you created lately? Or how about just kicking back tonight with a video? Here’s the happy heeler. Her name is Bella.


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I wound up at the Vet’s early this AM because both my four foots got sick last night. The older lab mix’s GI system goes wonky once or twice a year. No big deal – boiled chicken and rice and she’s normally good to go. Unfortunately, that wasn’t really working this time and after taking her out last night every 45 minutes or so, the younger lab mix decided she wanted in. And for her opening act: PROJECTILE VOMITING!!!!! This was also her second, third, fourth, and fifth act over …