Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Respite Kittens

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Beloved commentor and intrepid kitten-pusher Satby: It’s been long enough that our momma cat Turtle’s babies are all vetted and ready for adoption. They made their public debut yesterday (Sunday) at the South Bend PetSmart on Ireland Road and were ready for their close ups along with a few other kittens in our rescue, and a glimpse of kitten whisperer Becky. So, for a mood lifter, I present our rescue cuties…

Send Lawyers and Money

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If you want to do something to help the kids that ICE and the Trump administration has held hostage for political goals, my sister’s best friend since kindergarten needs support. We’ve helped Melanie in the past. Let’s help her again as she heads to El Paso   DONATION LINK HERE:   Support Critical Legal Services on the El Paso, TX/Ciudad Juarez, MX Border through Election Day (11/6/18) Since July 2015, the Attorney on the Move project has given 100% pro bono legal services to hundreds of immigrant clients around the …

A Friday Night Feel Good Open Thread

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It’s been a shit week politically, and I have cycled through anger to whitehotkillthemall to GBCW to fuckthemall to imtakingsomeoneoutwithme all week, and I imagine many of you have, as well. I did a little self care today and went and got a pedicure, which I had not done in several months because all my money is going to chemo, dirt, and mulch, and then I got a nice haircut, took a cool shower to beat the heat and a nice nap, ate some tacos, and I am going to …

Late Night Open Thread FEATURING STEVE

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I love this guy so much. We had our nightly chill session where he sits with his butt on the arm of the chair and his paws on my chest and I pet him and tell him how amazing he is and he purrs in my ear and shoots me a look that says “You know it, bitch.” Then I decided I would share with you. Here he is posing for you: Then he really turned up the glam and gave us a profile shot: That magnificent motherfucker.


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I wound up at the Vet’s early this AM because both my four foots got sick last night. The older lab mix’s GI system goes wonky once or twice a year. No big deal – boiled chicken and rice and she’s normally good to go. Unfortunately, that wasn’t really working this time and after taking her out last night every 45 minutes or so, the younger lab mix decided she wanted in. And for her opening act: PROJECTILE VOMITING!!!!! This was also her second, third, fourth, and fifth act over …

Cat Bleg- Two Good Cats Need a Home

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I have horrible news from my good friend Nikki, but it could be very good news for someone who wants to adopt two wonderful kitties: For the past couple of months, my five month old has been dealing with a lot of skin issues. Rash, itching, scratching, and occasional hives. She’s been to her pediatrician, a dermatologist, and most recently, an allergist. Two weeks ago she had allergy testing and we found out that she is allergic to our cats. We have discussed our options and have decided to follow …

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Respite KITTENS!

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From beloved-for-good-reason commentor Satby: We’re growing a fine crop of kittens. Some are real heartbreakers they’re so cute. In a perfect world, I’d be claiming the fuzzy little smoky tabby philosopher, and as many of the coal-black sweeties as hadn’t already been snapped up. (In this one, we already have two 15lb boy-cats who barely get along with each other, and three neurotic rescue dogs who go into meltdown mode whenever the composition of the household changes.) Apart from sweet daydreams, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Weekly Chemo and Menagerie Update

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Lily had her fifth chemo treatment today, and while we were there I saw the most curious looking dog: From some angles, it looks like he has NO legs whatsoever, but I thought he looked kinda like a Jawa Landcrawler. He shuffled when he walked. At any rate, the only note from my doctor this week was “Lily continues to be amazing.” Which is true! All her bloodwork was fine, her platelet count dropped, and everything seems to be ok, so we are just gonna keep on keeping on. She …

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Keep Fighting (It’s Worth It)

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A perennial theme, really works well here — exposes the "drain the swamp" hypocrisy and ties GOP Congress to Trump. https://t.co/jFXcPt4U1p — Kevin M. Kruse (@KevinMKruse) May 22, 2018 Great News https://t.co/pbjV8RTIxd — Dan Pfeiffer (@danpfeiffer) May 21, 2018 … The first planks of the “A Better Deal” platform, released last year, focused on the party’s economic agenda. Now, with questions about pay-to-play politics swirling around President Trump and his current and former aides, Democrats introduced new anti-corruption proposals Monday billed as “A Better Deal for Our Democracy.” “Instead of …

Cat “Semi-Bleg” — Houston Area

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From commentor Kirk S: The background: I live in an apartment complex in Houston – been here for three years now. There’s a cat colony in our section that has an extremely prolific mother. Unfortunately she’s also very smart about traps and completely opposed to a hand or other human body part within a couple of feet. At the same time she knows – and teaches her kittens – that people are where the food is. (We are not the only ones. We put out water as do a few …