Authors In Our Midst/Writers Chatting Chapter 14

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Reading – Mathis Miles Williams I follow WereBear on Facebook and the other day she posted a note that she was now doing consulting and I thought it would be a good time to ask her to revisit her path to publishing, website and now cat consulting for our Writers Chatting posts. From WereBear: Reverend Jim, foundation blog kitty. His rescue started it all! More on my adventures in self-publishing. This is a vital next step in my plan to extend the reach of my cat advice website, (click …

Authors In Our Midst/Writers Chatting Chapter 13

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Hey there! We have a new published author in our midst, so I thought it would be fun to combine our efforts this morning. Here’s our newest author, Laura Leigh Morris: In the hills of north central West Virginia, there lives a cast of characters who face all manner of problems. From the people who are incarcerated in West Virginia’s prisons, to a woman who is learning how to lose her sight with grace, to another who sorely regrets selling her land to a fracking company, Jaws of Life portrays the diverse …

Writers Chatting: Chapter 12

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“Memories”  Illustration by Walter Beach Humphrey Welcome back! I had a request for a writing thread to discuss goal setting and planning. It is actually a good timing for me. My finished novel has been sitting on a shelf for a year while I decided what to do next. Now all of sudden everything is in overdrive, so I have to manage all of that with continuing work on the second book in the trilogy. I have spent so much  time in the bulk of the first book, I’m stumbling as …

Writers Chatting: Chapter 11

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Welcome to the final chapter for 2017. Let’s start with some additional information from Andrew Durkin, see his original guest post here.  This part of his guest post answers many questions from the last chat. From Andrew: The most surprising thing I’ve learned since becoming a professional editor is that not all authors believe in the benefit of professional editing. On the surface, that’s understandable, especially in self-publishing—why pay for something when you can get a friend to do it for free? Economic resistance is often compounded by a very human …

Writers Chatting: Chapter 10

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We have a thoughtful guest post this week and as a reminder, I’m open for more guest posts on your experiences with writing, publishing and marketing. Today will be another perspective on self-publishing – finding an editor: Hello everyone. My name is Andrew Durkin, and I am an editor for a Portland-based self-publisher, Inkwater Press. Like many people involved in publishing, I am also an author. My non-fiction book, Decomposition, was published by Pantheon Books in 2014. I am currently finishing my first novel, a middle-grade fantasy. (Although “currently finishing” …

Writers Chatting: Chapter 9

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Welcome back. I don’t have a guest today but I think there is lots to talk about. After the last writing post, I thought it would be a good time to continue to discuss self-publishing. What are the best ways to go about finding and evaluating resources such as a good editor, a cover artist, beta readers and how best to market yourself.  Even if you’re not there yet, we’ll all need these resources eventually. (For the posts on putting together query letters for traditional publishing, click here, looking for …

Writers Chatting: Chapter 8 – Getting Back in the Swing

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I almost decided against this post today, but I thought we could use a distraction. I’m jumping right back into more serious writing questions and essays. If you’ll add any questions you have in the comments (throw my name in there somewhere so I can search for your Qs later) I’ll do my best to tailor future posts to focus on them. And as always, if you’d like to share your experience with a short essay, email me.  I think sharing our stories is a great way to focus our …

Writers Chatting: Beach Read 4

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Summer is winding down and I have several nice emails from writers with essays for us and other writers with questions. So we’ll hit the ground running come September. But for now…this caught my attention. This Netflix movie, filmed in Colorado, caught my eye Friday and sent me on a hunt for the book and Colorado author, Kent Haruf. I found his story fascinating. From his obituary: Kent Haruf pulled a wool cap over his eyes when he sat down at his manual typewriter each morning so he could “write …

Writers Chatting: Beach Read 3

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We all seem to be in agreement that summer is time to kick back and relax a bit. So with that in mind, here is the next in our summer’s Writers Chatting open threads. Besides writing the next great beach read, what is your favorite beach read? A few of mine, in no particular order: Jaws, One for the Money, Jurassic Park, To Kill a Mocking Bird and as a youngster, the first three Trixie Belden books. Have at it!

Writers Chatting: Chapter 7

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I spent most of yesterday transplanting roses from the backyard (where nothing is safe!) to the front yard. These roses are from my friend’s garden and I’m looking forward to making my own bouquets this summer. I have an unbelievable variety and many, many plants. For today’s writing thread, I’m digging into my email basket and highlighting a nice piece from WereBear on creating a web presence to promote yourself. From WereBear: You’ve written a wonderful book. Now what? That was the position I was in when I listened to …