My New T-Shirt Came

I always hate the “Not my President” nonsense because that’s not how it works- yes, he is my President, unfortunately and god damnit. But I made an exception for this t-shirt.

The nice thing about this shirt is that even if Trump is impeached, it works for Pence, too! So its got good shelf life.

CUPS Disease in Dogs

Do any of you have any experience with CUPS? My friend’s dog is in really bad shape and they are at their wits end.

We Have Ignition!

Despite Adam’s attempts to jinx me, I picked up the car this afternoon and there were no problems. Pretty seamless all the way around. The Subaru broke down Wednesday, they called me and gave me the details on the repair costs and likelihood of success, Thursday morning, that afternoon I went and test drove it, put down the down payment Friday, and picked it up today. I’d spent the last couple months researching CRV’s and Lexuses, so when the CRV was available in that shapoe and with that mileage, it was a no brainer.

Mom took me down to pick it up, and afterwards I treated her to lunch at Avenue Eats in Wheeling (I think David Anderson went there once on my recommendation), and while there took some pictures for my sister which I will now share with you:

This is the first car I have ever had with bluetooth (I had to play itunes through one of those shit fm transmitters in the Subaru), and the CRV has this nice seven speaker system and sounds great, so that is a real plus. Mileage is really good and it rides well, and I don’t miss the HP the Subaru

Cut the Bullshit- Pence Knew

Time for the wingnut wurlitzer to fire up one of their favorites, a time-tested classic, the “Hoocoodanode Overture:

Vice President Mike Pence has been kept in the dark about former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn’s alleged wrongdoing, according to a source close to the administration, who cited a potential “pattern” of not informing the vice president and calling it “malpractice or intentional, and either are unacceptable.”

Horseshit. It was an open fucking secret. Hell, even worse, he knew who and what Trump was all about when he accepted the nomination, figuring it was better than lingering and being booed out of the Governorship in which he was such a spectacular disaster to the degree the Republicans in Indiana moved to overturn half of what he did the first day he was out of office.

It’s the same line of crap from the Republicans, just the names and factions change. The money guys didn’t really know the racists and bigots were serious. They didn’t know the religious nuts were serious. They didn’t know the neocons were serious. They didn’t know the teabaggers were serious. They didn’t know the alt right was serious. Over and over and fucking over again.

They knew they were serious, they just thought they could control them and get their fucking tax cuts, gut social security and medicare, and siphon off money to their buddies in Wall Street, the fossil fuel industry, while throwing a little coin to the outrage machine grifters to keep greasing the skids. And the inmates got loose. Again.

Pence knew. He just thought he could control it. They always do. And we all now what comes after the Hoocoodanode overture, don’t we? Of course we do- a rousing rendition of the “Not a True Conservative” chorus.

Open Thread (And Malwarebytes Issue)

Here’s an open thread for you all. Look at the wide open space:

Also, if you use Malwarebytes, they had a database error and your realtime web protection was blinkered for most of the day. They already have the fix out, so go here if you use it and get yourself right.

Also, if you are not using malkwarebytes, why not?