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Trump signs Yad Veshem’s yearbook… (Open Thread)

Trump visited Israel’s Holocaust memorial today. National embarrassment ensued: Notes left at Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust memorial museum. Trump on left, Obama on right. So horribly tone deaf. pic.twitter.com/e15A0yq0Op — Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) May 23, 2017 Here are larger versions of the photos in case you can’t make out the notes in the tweet: The […]

Human Auto-Tune’s Vapid Pitch

Low hanging synergy-fruit Ivanka Trump brought her women’s empowerment corporate cliché roadshow and shakedown fest to Saudi Arabia along with her embarrassing father. Unsurprisingly, real-life activists who are resisting the nightmarish autocracy in Saudi Arabia weren’t buying what the auto-tuned Trump was selling. Via WaPo: “All the women that Ivanka Trump met have a guardian,” […]

History Turns on Small Things

There were too many factors that contributed to the outcome of the 2016 election to identify just one overriding cause, IMO. You can count them off like stone weights of varying sizes that, combined, sunk the SS Clinton: sexism, racism, Russian interference, Comey’s overweening self-regard, the “change” election dynamic, a click-driven-Clinton-hating Beltway media, celebrity culture, […]

Rest in Peace, greennotGreen

Steeplejack flagged an earlier comment from beloved commenter greennotGreen’s valiant sister: greennotGreen May 18, 2017 at 1:37 p.m. I like the title of this open thread [“Open Thread: Bon Voyage!”] for my message. My wonderful, generous, loving sister, greennotGreen, has moved on to the next stage in her journey. I watched and held her hand […]