Test Post

In Site Maintenance by Alain the site fixer

This is a sample post. On the main a page, an extract appears; there is no need to force a read-more.

This new theme (and most themes I’ve looked at) work with Featured Image – so each post will need to have one. I can set a default, I believe. This iteration of the site will be more graphical – it’s how WordPress is, more graphical. For example, a recent posts widget would be a slider which would show each post’s image.



There are known issues:

  1. no comment numbers
  2. old comments from old posts not showing
  3. need new header/logo
  4. in-text ads not enabled
  5. blockquote styling should be better
  6. More issues, too, I’m sure; I have not had a chance to dig up my old notes yet. Bread is in oven!