Working on Ipad Mobile Site Issue

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I’m hopefully getting the iPad issue solved with the help of the good folks who make the mobile site plug-in, so please bear with me a bit longer. To top things off, I hurt my back almost two weeks ago and am using what little time I can spend sitting at my computer taking care of must-do’s. Luckily I had some time open up so I hope to have a solution later today, though it may end up being tomorrow.

That said, I’m trying to solve a number of issues and no, I am not in control of the ads.


Consider this an open thread. I have to go to a financial institution that’s 30 minutes each way to hand-deliver a form, so I won’t be back until mid-late afternoon, depending on how I feel and whether I rest.



Added at 18:18: folks who have issues with the iPad or other tablet view of the mobile site, go to the bottom of the page and tap the Desktop link to view the desktop site. You can switch back when the issue is fixed. I did take a rest and am done fiddling for the day.