Site Maintenance Monday and Important, Timely Site Support Bleg

In Site Maintenance by Alain the site fixer


I hurt my back Thursday morning and have been unable to sit at a computer until now. Even then, it’s only a matter of time before I have to move. So I’m trying to get as much done on the site as I can off and on the next few days.

I’m applying some updates now, and hoping to get a fix for the #$%@q($^ iPad mobile site issue. I sent the company an email two weeks ago but they’ve not gotten back to me. I suspect that the bloom is off the rose of their months-ago acquisition and that they have less staff as many of their support resources are non-functional. I just submitted a customer contact form entry since their support ticket system has disappeared into the aether.

For iPad or other tablet users accursed with the “left blank panel” issue, scroll to the bottom of the page and use the Desktop theme by tapping the link.  That’s the only solution for now, which is in fact a workaround.

I also hope to solve the many edit comment bugs.  This is likely a side-effect of the caching we’re now doing.

There are numerous complaints about the video ads; I don’t like them either but they pay the bills. Talk to John. I will be setting up a complaint form to submit ad issues so that if, for example, audio auto-plays, you can more easily report it.  Do note the advertiser so John can get it taken care of, as well as date/time. Many video ads have controls so you can pause or mute them, and some ads have controls where you can give feedback (such as this ad is of no interest to me) to refine their controls.

I will be updating WordPress and some plugins over the next few minutes.

Finally, since today through tomorrow is Prime Day on Amazon, please do your shopping through the Balloon-Juice Affiliate link so John gets some extra moolah. It won’t increase your bill and helps the site any day, but since many folks will be buying lots of stuff today, do help the site out!

The link again is: Shopping Amazon via this link helps Balloon Juice...a lot

Amazon Smile Link (also does not affect your donation or price) :