Site Changes… Ahem – er – enhancements!

In Site Maintenance by Alain the site fixer

Ok folks, there have been some changes to the site and there will be a few more coming over the next few days.



We’re now using the Cloudflare CDN to speed up the site for everyone. This should be a very good thing. We’re also now using a better caching mechanism which, coupled with the CDN, should really make things scream.

I’m sure there are twitches to work out.

Some may have noticed that the Recent Comments and Recent Posts widgets were removed. These were taking up huge amounts of processing power that most readers never used. In other words, they sucked the site’s performance down for everyone while benefiting few. The difference on CPU usage before and after was striking, even more so for disk access.


I will be updating the core theme over the next few days and hope to have a fix soon for the tablet users trying to use the mobile site. For now, scroll to the very bottom of the page and switch to the Desktop site and it will behave.


I will also address a few other odds and ends.


Open thread. I will not be here to respond until perhaps later.