Site Update: This Test Server is Live

Just a quick post saying that the test server is live and not just an artifact.

It should work similarly to the normal site, but please try to take it easy and don’t refresh the site every ten seconds!

Right now, the live site is fine, but should it go down, I’ll increase the CPU and memory dedicated to this test server and it will get faster and more responsive.

This test server is only a temporary bridge should the main site go down, prepped with an abundance of caution – I don’t think the main site will go down.

Good luck – our thoughts and prayers to all of you affected by this natural disaster.

3 Replies to “Site Update: This Test Server is Live”

  1. Server rebooted, sorry for any confusion folks.

    Should I need to increase memory and CPUs, I’ll make a comment and post 5 minutes before I do it (it requires a reboot of 5-30 minutes).


  2. I expect that’s because the db was being backed up…such twitches shouldn’t happen, but apparently do.

    Let me know if it happens again.



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