Site Will Be Slow For A Few Hours

I’m actually cloning the site today, as opposed to getting distracted yesterday. This means the site may be a bit sluggish as I’m creating some big archives and transferring them to the test setup. I chose now in hopes of getting it all done before the 5 pm magic hour.


So my apologies if the site isn’t as responsive as normal, but take heart – your long personal nightmare will be over soon! :)


Also, another plug for a guest post on Oceanography coming at 12:30 Eastern on Friday. It will be neat, you’ll learn stuff, and can even ask questions!


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  1. Alain the site fixer says:

    Thursday may be optimistic, but one of many goals is to speed up the site and having a permanent test/dev setup will make that much less catastrophic should an incorrect option be chosen. A while back, I know some setting or other made the site seize up. It wasn’t tough to fix, but for about 2 minutes the site was down, much to the consternation of the community. I hope to avoid that again.

  2. jacy says:

    I’m used to unresponsive. I have children.

    In all seriousness, thanks, Alain — you’re an incredibly valuable member of the Balloon Juice jackelpack and your ministrations, along with your comments and your pretty pictures in the morning, are more appreciated than we could ever express.

  3. rikyrah says:

    Trump wastes little time breaking his key promises in a cruel budget
    05/23/17 01:05 PM
    By Steve Benen

    When Donald Trump rode down a New York escalator and announced his presidential campaign two years ago in front of an audience featuring people paid to be there, the Republican made international headlines by arguing that Mexican immigrants are rapists.

    But in the same speech, Trump was careful to break with GOP orthodoxy on some of the nation’s most popular social-insurance programs. He said, if elected, he would “save Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security without cuts.” Trump added, “Have to do it.”

    Those who actually believed his rhetoric fell for an unfortunate scam. Indeed, Trump has made many of his defenders look quite foolish with the unveiling of his first federal budget.


    Trump’s budget, in other words, targets benefits for the poor and the sick, while cutting taxes for the wealthy, boosting an enormous Pentagon budget, and setting aside billions for a border wall.

    The plan also intends to eliminate the deficit within 10 years by relying on math that doesn’t make any sense.

    It even cuts Social Security, despite Trump’s promise, by cutting Social Security Disability Insurance by billions. Asked how to reconcile the president’s pre-election assurances with his in-writing budget plan, Mick Mulvaney argued to reporters yesterday that Trump’s promise came with fine print: Trump was talking about retirees’ benefits, not benefits for the disabled.

    Before anyone panics, it’s important to realize that there’s approximately zero chance Congress will approve Trump’s budget plan. Lawmakers in both parties have already announced their opposition to the White House’s blueprint, and some have even begun mocking it.

    And for some, that effectively ends the conversation. If Trump’s budget will be ignored by lawmakers, the argument goes, than it doesn’t much matter what it says.

    I disagree. There’s an old cliché that a budget is a moral document, and the adage endures for a reason: it’s true. This blueprint is a vehicle for Trump and his team to show what kind of country they want to build. The president is obsessed with making America “great,” and this budget explains – in black-and-while detail – what exactly the White House means when it uses the adjective.

    This is, in other words, Trump’s vision for the nation’s future – and it’s more than a little terrifying.

    Putting aside legislative prospects, it matters that the president, just four months in office, is already breaking the core promises of his campaign. It matters that he’s deliberately targeting some of the nation’s most vulnerable. It matters that many of those who’d be hit hardest by Trump’s plan are many of the same people who voted for him.

  4. hovercraft says:

    I chose now in hopes of getting it all done before the 5 pm magic hour.

    You better be done by 5:45, we need to be able to discuss today’s new clusterfluck with rapid fire witticisms!

  5. 🌷 Martin says:

    @rikyrah: If Trump supporters fall through the safety net, it their own fault for not taking out a small loan of a million dollars from their parents when they had the chance.

  6. hovercraft says:

    I wonder if FOX will tell Hannity to stop torturing poor Seth Rich’s family now.

    Bradd Jaffy


    Fox News has just retracted its story on the Seth Rich conspiracy theory. Will Hannity follow?
    2:23 PM – 23 May 2017

    927 927 Retweets

    I’m not holding my breath, oh and can someone tell that other worthless piece of shit Geraldo to shyt the fuck up!

    Geraldo Rivera


    1) #SethRich shot in back(2)worked for #DNC which, (3)screwed @BernieSanders 4)#WIKILEAKS screwed DNC(5)Did #sethrich leak?(6)is it related?
    4:28 PM – 22 May 2017

    1,082 1,082 Retweets

    I hope Roger is roasting on a spit!

    ET for grammar and spelling, yes I know shyte

  7. amygdala says:

    Cloning? So you’re a biologist, as well as a computer guru.

    Thank you for the morning photo threads, and everything else you do here. Your kind heart shows in all of it.

  8. geg6 says:


    Remember when that wrestler or whatever bitch slapped Geraldo back in his “investigative reporter” days? That was sweet. Think he’d like to take a few more shots at that fake reporter on behalf of that poor family?

  9. Alain the site fixer says:

    @amygdala: Kindness is really where it’s at, isn’t it? Sometimes it need to be reborn in us, but I swear, helping others simply, being aware and noticing those around us – like noticing a shorter person looking at an item on the top shelf, and just reaching up and getting it for them, saying “here you go!” with a smile – makes you feel really good, and helps them, to boot. And these days, we need all the kindness we can get/give.

  10. hovercraft says:

    @Villago Delenda Est: , I just needed to borrow your name. I loathe these fuckers.


    Trump Is America’s Most Honest President
    He just can’t help himself from blurting out the truth—even when it’s self-sabotage.

    By Virginia Heffernan

    May 23, 2017

    Donald Trump cannot keep a secret. In fact, the “liar president,” as his opponents would have it, might just be the most pathologically unsecretive—dare I say, honest—president we’ve seen yet.

    Sure, we’re accustomed to thinking of Trump as chronically deceptive and flat-out wrong, and he commonly is—about crowd sizes, illegal voting, his “fine-tuned machine” of an administration, the Iraq War, 9/11 cheering, the list is endless. But someone must be putting truth serum in Trump’s second scoop of ice cream these days. No matter the stakes, he doesn’t have even a White House junior aide’s gift for circumspection, spin or truth-shading. Lately, in fact, Trump can’t shut up even when almost everything is at stake.

    In a town of snakes and double-agents, the president’s extreme emotional transparency would be admirable, a sign of vulnerability, sincerity, guilelessness—that is, if it weren’t so self-incriminating. Most notably, on the firing of FBI director James Comey, Trump could not for one single day stick to the simple if ludicrous script that his aides hawked in the immediate aftermath: that Comey was fired at the suggestion of Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein, the attorney general and his deputy, out of gallantry to Hillary Clinton, the damsel distressed by Comey’s political whims last October.

    No, Trump could not prevaricate. Evidently, the president dies in darkness. And it wasn’t even under interrogation lights that he gave up the truth. He volunteered it. I chopped down the cherry tree, Lester Holt!


  11. schrodingers_cat says:

    @Alain the site fixer: Thanks! Will do. Its a part of a Sikh prayer from the 2006 Rang De Basanti ( Color of Sacrifice)
    Basanti==Spring like ==yellow or saffron, color of sacrifice in both Hinduism and Sikhism
    I am thinking of reviewing this movie for BJ Weekend Movie Club.
    What do you guys think. I will do a post about it soon about where you can see it with subtitles and other info before I do the review.

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