Medicaid in the President’s budget request

The Department of Health and Human Services accidentally leaked their own budget this evening. Bob Herman at Axios saved a copy. The biggest aspect of the budget is it laid out another $600 billion dollars in cuts to Medicaid and CHIP over ten years in addition to the $820 billion in Medicaid cuts in the AHCA.

Between these two documents Medicaid would lose 47% of its federal funding over a decade.

Loren Adler at Brookings thinks the cuts would be to tie the AHCA block grants to no more than inflation rate growth without regard to population or case mixture. As the Baby Boomers retire, more of them will require nursing home care that is currently paid for by Medicaid but there would be no federal money.

This is a budget wishlist that pits old people versus kids, the disabled against the pregnant and state budgets against upper income tax cuts in the federal budget.

Call Congress and give them an earful.

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  1. 🌎 🇺🇸 Goku 🗳 🌷 says:

    @🌎 🇺🇸 Goku 🗳 🌷: Also:
    My senator and rep are dems so no worries there.
    My other senator is the esteemed Rob Portman, so I’ll be hitting Resistbot to tell what I think of El Presidente’s budget

  2. Dmbeaster says:

    This is Ryan’s people filling in for that nonexistent White House staff to create a Ryan budget.

  3. Mary G says:

    Good Twitter thread:

    The fraud here goes beyond “rosy” forecasts. It even goes beyond “voodoo economics”–the debunked theory that tax cuts pay for themselves. 2/— Seth Hanlon (@SethHanlon) May 23, 2017


    @gregleiserson @BudgetHawks So this is not a $2 trillion “magic asterisk.” THIS IS A $7.5 TRILLION LIE. 9/— Seth Hanlon (@SethHanlon) May 23, 2017

  4. mai naem mobile says:

    I know it isn’t going to hit Trumpers exclusively but I hope it hits them the worst. And,yeah, I’ll call my Senators. My Rep is a Dem who may be running against McCain next time.
    The DCCC added David Schweikert on their 2018 hitlist. I am kind of shocked because it covers North Scottsdale(wealthy)and a an overall tonier part of north Phoenix.

  5. Corner Stone says:

    @Mary G: I am having a difficult time figuring it out from his twitter feed, but it seems like Seth is not a very big fan of this potential budget?

  6. Sab says:

    @🌎 🇺🇸 Goku 🗳 🌷: Hey. I live in the far western edge of your congressional district. Love that gerrymandering. My Congressman lives about forty miles from the largest city in his district. He is attentive to us, fortunately. I will call Portman yet again tomorrow and politely express my concerns. Also calling my Congressman to thank him in advance.

  7. Corner Stone says:

    @🌎 🇺🇸 Goku 🗳 🌷:

    Shouldn’t you be out getting drunk/stoned/laid instead posting here?

    Was there some thread I missed about signing up for this? Why do I always catch the pet blegs but never the bone down blegs?

  8. piratedan says:

    maybe… just maybe if all of this shit gets faithfully reported regarding the GOP budget, its possible that some people might be able to connect the dots, trace the outline in the picture and determine that the GOP are a bunch of hateful asshats who only accommodate rich people.

    the rest of us can simply fuck off and die.

  9. Corner Stone says:

    @Omnes Omnibus: Good God. What category of horrible atrocity could he be guilty of to suffer such a fate? Claims to be spending time with mom on bday so I’ll believe that and rule out Menendez Brothers acts. A little young to have murdered nuns in Central America.
    Oh no…no…did he…vote for Stein?…or…Trump?!

  10. Mike in NC says:

    On Frontline (PBS 10 PM EST) tomorrow is a story about psycho Steve Bannon and his obsession with the War on Islam. What a fucking lunatic.

  11. Corner Stone says:

    I’m not a big fan of Bibi but seeing his face while Trump just spontaneously rats Israel out *again*. That’s fucking priceless.
    “Oh, God! I knew I should not have had that third serving of prunes followed by a cigarette!!”

  12. Davis X. Machina says:

    To a certain kind of voter, the cruelty, and not the savings, is what you’re actually selling.
    There’s a market for it.

  13. 🌎 🇺🇸 Goku 🗳 🌷 says:

    @Sab: I think I mentioned it before but I live in NE Ohio near the state line. Close to Youngstown actually. Kind of Trump country yet not. Still can’t believe my county went 46 for Trump, 49 for Clinton.

  14. Sab says:

    @manyakitty: Drive my 93 year old dad around Fairlawn all the time. We are there so much everyone thinks we live there and wave at us as obvious neighbors that they can’t remember where exactly we live. LOL.

  15. randy khan says:

    It’s really remarkable, now that I think of it, how much effort the Trump Administration takes to ensure that it steps on its own message as much as possible. There’s absolutely no reason to release the budget while the President is on his first big foreign trip, but that’s what they’re doing.

    Of course, given how well things went today, releasing a DOA budget with proposals as stupid as the Medicaid cuts might be just the distraction they need when he pulls the handshake trick on the Pope.

  16. Sab says:

    Sorry to everyone else that I turned this into NE Ohio old home thread. Just very excited that younger voters are interested. I have been feeling like my whole political adult life (50+ years) was a complete waste, and that we are backtracking on everything, except for my three stepchildren, and then along comes Goku, and also some other politically involved folks I know.

  17. patrick II says:

    There are two ways we could have fewer poor in this country — make sure everyone is well fed, as much as possible have everyone earn decent wages and get a good education. Or we could just kill them off. The republicans have made the second choice.

  18. Raoul says:

    Somehow the Trump admin thinks that extreme cruelty in their budget will take heat off of them for their Russian problemsky or the rapidly deteriorating uuuuge international trip?


  19. TenguPhule says:

    Trump and his minions are determined to literally kill us all.

    Clear and present danger.

  20. TenguPhule says:


    If Balloon Juice was around when I was Goku’s age, I’d be commenting.

    Balloon Juice was around when I was Goku’s age. And I was commenting here.

    Post Redemption John, of course.

  21. Morzer says:


    I think it’s more the case that the GOP have believed their own lies for so long that they can no longer deal with anything like reality. This budget is the work of minds who have absorbed only very select materials from their alternate reality for decades, to the point where they actually think this is a solution to the “problems” they imagine America faces. This is why they avoid town halls, run away from criticism, hate the media for intruding into their fantasy world and generally do everything they can to keep the Reaganite crack pipe circulating as fast as possible among their fellow-travelers.

  22. NorthLeft12 says:

    Reminds me of the movie “Blue Collar”. The punch line of the movie was how those in power always set groups against each other. Groups that should have been working together against those in power.
    Young versus old. Black versus white. Anything to keep them from coming to an understanding of what was really happening.

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