We can write letters too

Write a letter to Senator Hatch at HealthReform@finance.senate.gov and give him your interested stakeholder input. For some of us, your interest is your life. For all of us, it is the type of society we want to live in.

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  1. clay says:

    that represent the interests of … thought leaders.

    Uh…? Someone wrote the end of a sentence without remembering how it started.

    Anyway, I love how he’s apologizing in advance for not getting much done.

  2. Suzan says:

    sorry, didn’t see the emal address printed in the original post. I’d read the letter elsewhere and … lesson learned.

  3. Ian says:

    I donated 5$ to the RNC once to get on their mailing list. They send out chain emails with THE craziest shit. Straight up Obama is from Kenya, Clinton runs a paedophilia pizzeria shit. What letters they send to the financiers is a very interesting question. Certainly the people with the money don’t fall for this kind of shit, do they???

  4. Frank McCormick says:

    @Ian: “

    Certainly the people with the money don’t fall for this kind of shit, do they???

    Of course they do. Don’t fall into the rich people are rich because they are smarter than the rest of us trap! Unfortunately though, rich people often do.

  5. Roger Moore says:


    Certainly the people with the money don’t fall for this kind of shit, do they???

    No, they fall for a different line of shit about how the Democrats are going to expropriate their wealth, etc. Just because they’re rich doesn’t mean they lack prejudices that can easily be preyed upon.

  6. Another Scott says:

    @Frank McCormick: That reminds me of this: MJ on Spy prank:

    Spy correspondent Julius Lowenthal wanted to know just how cheap some of the city’s richest figures were. So he set up a company, called the National Refund Clearinghouse, and sent letters with checks for $1.11 enclosed, “for services that you were overcharged for.” The letters went out to 58 “well-known, well-heeled Americans,” 26 of whom promptly cashed them. Curious as to how low they might go, Lowenthal sent those 26 “nabobs” a second refund check, for $0.64. This time, 13 people cashed them.

    Finally, he sent those 13 respondents a check for $0.13. This time, only two people cashed the check. One was an arms dealer. The other was Donald Trump, whom the magazine identified as a “demibillionaire casino operator and adulturer.”


    (Who wonders if the “arms dealer” was Adnan Khashoggi.)

  7. Another Scott says:

    Grr. I didn’t mask casino in a post. Help?


    (Who thought Adam fixed common dungeon words like that at one point….)

  8. mai naem mobile says:

    Hatch is such an asshole. His grandkid has juvenile diabetes and he still doesn’t give a shit.

  9. Tenar Arha says:

    @mai naem mobile: This makes me sad to the point of despair. This is the privilege of money, thinking there will always be $ enough. It’s this giant blind spot, not thinking of his grandchildren’s children and their likelihood of divided inheritance, less prosperity, but still with the potential for a hereditary disease.

    ETA He’s also an assh*le.

  10. sdhays says:

    @mai naem mobile: Hatch is wealthy, like just about all members of Congress. Is his grandkid going to be without healthcare? Of course not. He’s worthy of healthcare, unlike…others.

    Or maybe it’s because he’s from Utah and he figures that if the kid has any trouble, s/he can hop on over to Idaho where “nobody dies because they don’t have access to health care”, according their Congressman Labrador (no relation to the lovable canine breed).

  11. NoraLenderbee says:


    I received a letter from Senator Hatch requesting recommendations and suggestions for the American Health Care Act. As a stakeholder, I recommend that you scrap the AHCA completely

    Please protect and improve the ACA (Obamacare) instead. Millions of American citizens without insurance have been able to get it thanks to the ACA. I also recommend that you fund the ACA by raising taxes on the top 1% to 49% ; raising taxes on corporations; and closing loopholes that allow large, profitable corporations and some Presidents to avoid paying any taxes at all.

    The AHCA is disgusting and inhumane. Why do Republicans hate their fellow Americans so much that they would deprive them of life-saving medical care?


    I copied most of it from the Twitter link someone posted above.

  12. oldster says:

    Yup, keep it simple:

    Fully fund Obamacare.
    Do it by Congressional appropriation.
    If Obamacare dies, then every Republican owns it, and every Republican will pay for it.

  13. Mike J says:


    I’m going to say mid-80’s? Or was it even earlier?

    There existed small office systems that could do mail merge in the 70s, and if you had big iron you could have easily done it in the 60s. Think about say, your utility bills. Really just fancy mail merge with more fields than most.

  14. Patricia Kayden says:

    @Ian: I’m surprised that sort of nonsense would come directly from the RNC versus from fake news outlets like Fox News, Breitbart or Drudge. Shows you just how low mainline Republicans have fallen.

  15. patroclus says:

    Lower the medicare eligibility age to 55; raise the age at which children can be on their parents’ insurance to 30. Do that again in about 10 years to 45 and 35. Do it again in 10 years so that all ages are covered. Medicaid, a private plan or a public option for anyone left out. Merge all into a single payer plan eventually.

  16. mai naem mobile says:

    @Tenar Arha: @sdhays:
    Not just him. McMorris Rodgers has a kid with either Downs or Cerebal Palsy. I had coworker who had a kid with Downs. Downs kids need a lot of intensive physical and speech therapy early on to maximize their potential . This bitch literally has to know this and still voted for the AHCA so that her pals could get a tax cut.

  17. Another Scott says:

    @tybee: My mom was a secretary to a professor in Chicago for a while. This was before PCs. They used a word-processing program on dedicated hardware from a company called NBI – it jokingly stood for “nothing but initials”. I believe they had it in 1979, and it might have been earlier.

    I can’t swear that it had “mail-merge” but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.


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