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This is a sample post. On the main a page, an extract appears; there is no need to force a read-more. This new theme (and most themes I’ve looked at) work with Featured Image – so each post will need to have one. I can set a default, I believe. This iteration of the site will be more graphical – it’s how WordPress is, more graphical. For example, a recent posts widget would be a slider which would show each post’s image.     There are known issues: no comment …

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Comments Are Not All There

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As some details get hashed out, the comments are “frozen” design-wise. Fear not, normal or enhanced functionality will return. This site is only temporarily viewable by the general public to allow for ad testing. Enjoy your sneak peak; not much has changed in this iteration, but the theme is new and so things are a bit different. ETA And of course I forgot my featured image. Bad Alain

Risk Adjustment — all clear

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CMS released an interim final rule for the 2017 risk adjustment budget neutrality assumption last night.  Given the subject matter, it is scintillating reading. TLDR: All is well (except insurance finance directors’ blood pressure) HHS has published their thought process as to why risk adjustment for 2017 should be budget neutral and we should expect risk adjustment payments and receipts that are due to move around in the next two months to start moving normally. This approach supports the overall goal of the risk adjustment program to encourage issuers to rate …

Spreads and Levels

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This is just the annual reminder of three critical points about the individual market in the ACA: 1) The ACA individual market is a county level story. 2) Subsidized buyers really care about the premium spread. 3) Non-subsidized buyers really care about the premium level. The initial rates coming out of Philadelphia illustrate all three of these points. Pennsylvania is seeing effectively flat rates for 2019. Philadelphia is seeing a significant price decrease as a new insurer, Centene is entering the market and will deploy a very narrow and low …

On the Road and In Your Backyard

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Good Morning All, We’re making some changes here, so for now I’m taking down the links to the form and email account. I’ll be posting what I’ve got, but please do not submit any more pictures right now, just hold on to them for a few days. Have a wonderful day, and enjoy the pictures!  

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: The GOP Gang That Couldn’t Loot Straight

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Why won’t the Republicans do anything to stop the foreign interference that gives them minority rule and money doesn’t seem like a tough mystery to crack. — Schooley (@Rschooley) July 24, 2018 This presidency fell off the truck. — Schooley (@Rschooley) July 24, 2018 When I was growing up, saying that a bargain ‘fell off a truck’ still implied that it might be a cheap counterfeit, passed off on someone too eager for a good deal to examine closely. The Trump Crime Cartel seems to have mistaken The Godfather for …

Breaking: Not *ALL* The News Sucks…

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In a backdrop of white supremacists distancing themselves from Jason Kessler's efforts to organize a Unite the Right II rally, Kessler, withdraws demand for new rally permit in Charlottesville. https://t.co/B9CRkT1KEw — Joanna Mendelson (@jo_mendelson) July 24, 2018 … On Tuesday, Kessler shocked even his own lawyers by withdrawing his request that a federal judge order the city to grant him a permit for a “Unite the Right 2” rally for the weekend of Aug. 11. But after the hearing, one of his attorneys, James Kolenich, told reporters that Kessler could …